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Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

You don’t know me, but I hear you.

I hear the echo of your voice across the darkness.

It ebbs and flows in the liquid night surrounding us.

The air is black static.

My chest flutters and heaves with electricity.

The hollow silence is cut by your cries.

Sadness slipping out and filling the space between us.

I know you feel alone.

Each painful breath is tar filling your heavy chest.

You are drowning from within.

Listen, for you cannot see in the dark.

There are so many of us here with you.

Trapped in the confined space in our mind.

We are weighted into the ground, made of stone.


Reach out your hand.

A gentle pulse keeping time in our fingers.

Borrow strength from the network of interlocked souls.

Do not fear blinding shadow flooding your world.

We have found you friend, you are not alone.

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